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Phishing Scam?? Pending funds.

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Hey, I sold a phone on Facebook market place and I have requested payment via PayPal. They have claimed to send payment however I have received an email from Paypal saying I need to send the package via Aus Post and to provide a tracking number. Then I would receive funds? Is this legit?

Phishing Scam?? Pending funds.

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PayPal doesn’t ask you to ship until after you receive payment in your account so check your account. No money? You haven’t been paid, it’s a scam and should not ship. Sometimes, you’ll get a Pending status which means you either received an eCheck that needs to clear first or it’s tagged “On Hold” requiring you to ship and add tracking number to the transaction so PayPal’s system can confirm delivery and release the funds earlier than 21 days.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Phishing Scam?? Pending funds.


Hi everyone! Thanks for breaking down the issue on this one @sharpiemarker. Your time and expertise are greatly appreciated. 


@Hcooke, I hope this ends up being a legitimate sale. I can certainly understand why you'd be concerned though. You may want to review the following Help Center articles for a bit more information on Receiving payments with PayPal and How to spot fake or fraudulent emails. 


Good luck!


 - Jon K

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