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Permantly Limited Because of a Donate Test

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Hello, i have a problem and i need some help from you guys.

My girlfriend decide to start a Twitch stream so she set up her PayPal account at the donation link on her Twitch profile.

In order to see if this link works with the Streamlabs alerts i donate to her 1 Euro. An hour after the donation (by the way it works fine) my account get limited with no reason and Paypal asked for same informations to get the limitation of my account.

The worst is that my girlfriends account get permanantly limited (with the first 0,64 Euros in it).

My account and my girlfriends account was personal accounts and never used  on buy - sell bissines or anythink else than pay for online purcheses  such as spotify payments.

In order to "unlock" the "streamers" account we call the customer support of our country (Greece) the guy that spoke to us told my girlfried that she sound "suspicius" and dont help us at all or told us why her account permantly banned. We ask if we need to make a bussines account for that use and he replyed no.
By the way this was the first time that this account resives money and the two of us was ander the same local network.
The day after i found an notification on my account that said "On 16 January 2022, you authorized a payment of 1,00 EUR on your card xx-xxxx. If the payment is voided for any reason, the pending amount won't be charged. It may take a few days for this to show on your card statement."

So paypal will refund me for the donation but why???

Please help us cause we cant undersund why our accounts are in trouble cause of such a small donation test.


Permantly Limited Because of a Donate Test


@kernowlass You are the man, please help me.


Permantly Limited Because of a Donate Test


Hello @ControllerByte,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that you are having issues with your account due to a permanent limitation. I know this can cause concern. Generally, if your account has no longer been offered PayPal services, this means that after reviewing the account, the decision was made to part ways. You should have received an email with more details relating to the decision. If you have additional questions, kindly visit: PayPal User Agreement - Account Limitations.


I hope this helps!  

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