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Permanently Limit My Account

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Dear PayPal Team, Auto Response - Reply PayPal Email (KMM484056161V85370L0KM) I received the message informing me that I can no longer do business with PayPal. However, the reason has never stated why the decision has been made to permanently limit my account. You could first inform me about the mistake that I have made before reached out to me with a final decision. Please could your office explain to me in few paragraphs so that I can understand why my PayPal account has been restricted? Thank you. With kind regards, Isaiah [Removed]


Permanently Limit My Account


My suggestion would be either to give up, try to get in touch through fb/twitter (though I doubt it'll actually work) or keep annoying them with complaints because you won't get an answer here, at all. I've had the same experience last week right on Christmas that after reviewing my account they've decided to block it due to "suspicious or fraudulent activities" which is bollocks. Sent them several complaints and they keep giving me the same dumb answers with claims of being entitled to not give you any answers on why, as it could be circumvented as so they claim. Years of using it to buy games on digital clients and subscriptions for various services like Spotify and they cause me this headache without an explanation. I also have a pre-order for a collectible waiting and now it'll get cancelled due to their arrogance.


In my opinion, if you can of course, just stay away from PayPal as they don't really deserve customers when they keep restricting accounts left and right without any actual explanations and their user agreement is painfully too long and vague in many areas. 

Permanently Limit My Account

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PayPal does review accounts regularly, and any concerns with security, violations of the User Agreement or Acceptable Use Agreement, compliance obligations, etc., could lead to a permanent restriction. Additional information beyond what would have been provided to you in a notification and/or email would not be available due also to security concerns and due to such information being other words they do not give you an exact reason, they just direct you to the user agreement or acceptable use policy. I guess having a reason wouldn't make any difference if they have permanently banned you.

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