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Permanent account limited

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I WILL COPY AND PASTE MY MESSAGE IN PAYPAL. I have concern. Hello! I use this account, this is my mother PayPal account but i am here to ask for help and tell my concern. Because my account doesn't show up customer service or where can i reach someone for help. My paypal account name: Lhea [removed] [removed] This is the subject of the email i received. You can no longer use PayPal (Ref ID - PP-L-388818919459) I'm so frustrated right now, i hope you can help me. For the long story short, i try to change my paypal name under my father's name. It says after a business days they will let me know, but 4 days after still no respond. I chat with a live agent and after that i got an email, before that. I told the live agent that help me to cancel my request to change my name. But i guess it's too late. Now this is what i received from paypal. I'm not phishing account or so on, I'm lack of knowledge about that i violate something that leads to permanently limit my account. Since i try to change my paypal name to my father's name and of course it didn't match, they permanently limited my account. I want to ask for 2 things. 1. Help me to recover my paypal, let me use it again, and remove the “permanently limit your account.”but if is doesn't work, this is the other. OR 2. Help me AT LEAST change my email address there, i want to use my second email address, so i can use again that email address when I'm creating a new paypal account. And i still have funds/balance left. Let me transfer it to my new paypal account (remove for a while the permanently limit or can you do it for me, your the one who will do transfer my remaining funds on my new account. It's not that big but still it's a money/fund.) I can't transfer or receive money. I'm super bothered right now, I'm anxious and I'm overthinking it. It's so frustrating, my patience is thin. I'm using my mother's paypal account so i can contact/chat with the live agent. My contact in my paypal doesn't work. I know it's my fault due to my ignorance but please help me. Let me know you answer ASAP, hopefully. 1. Help me to give me another chance and remove the permanent limit in my account. Or 2. Help me to transfer my funds and change my email address before i closed that account.

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