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Paypal steal our money and are impossible to reach

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Paypal had done it again to us. Approximately 2 years ago ebay mistakenly refunded 2 buyers, plunging the account into arrears. By the time ebay agreed and refunded to my paypal account, paypal had locked the account for being in arrears. We sent proof that paypal had received the money but as the account was locked it was diverted into another internal paypal account. Days and days and days of multiple hour phone calls got us no further than those reading from the playsheet. We desperately tried to reach the transaction team but they never answer the phone even when we were transferred by paypal. Finally my father paid the outstanding sum via his credit card so the account would now be at zero balance and reopened as was promised in all of the demands to address the arrears. Not only has paypal not opened the account but still has the original money refunded by ebay. We are down by £1800....Eventually we went to the UK ombudsman as the only route left to us and we are awaiting a decision. Unbelievably Paypal has just locked another business related account for no reason (despite it being in credit) and all required documents have been provided. On phoning them they have stated its because the other account is locked......Yes the account thats at zero and actually should have £1800 refunded from paypal...I'm afraid it will take years to resolve this problem and we will have to go via the Ombudsman. Our only consolation is the UK ombudsman can not only correct the situation but also award damages and fine paypal. But we are truly fed up with paypal that hides behind the call centre and has no interest in helping - just taking money it doesn't own. In the UK we call that theft.  

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