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PayPal randomly picked a card in my account to do an automatic payment

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I never setup automatic payments from my business Visa card except for Uber travel. And all my automatic payments go through another card in the account However, PayPal authorised a payment to DisneyPlus from my business card which was not used for any payments to DisneyPlus in the past. I made a dispute though PayPal resolution centre. When I am making the complaint I found it really difficult to select the right category where only limited options are listed there to choose from. Few minutes later I received an email stating the case was closed and am unable to escalate or question about the outcome. I’m really disappointed about the service like PayPal for this kind of behaviour. If the resolution team even have read my message, I requested them to refund the amount back to my business card and process the amount from the other card in the account. I have also mentioned not to process any automatic payments from my business card in future. Please advise who to contact to escalate this matter. Thanks


PayPal randomly picked a card in my account to do an automatic payment

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I'm glad I've found someone with the same problem, or almost. I made an online purchase in Euros and on the paypay window, clicked for the currency conversion to be handled by my credit card company as I get a much better rate with no fees. Unbeknownst to me, there was an item out of stock which the Merchant sent through 5 days later. The merchant put through an automatic payment for this one item and Paypal converted the currency with their really bad rate. After spending a whole weekend online and on the phone to paypal about this, i have been told that any merchant that I buy off can set up an automatic payment against my paypal account without any authorization from me. they cover themselves by their T&Cs. There is no way to cancel an automatic payment until it has already been made, in fact you wont know about it until it has been used, so buyers beware, from now on I'll be buying through Amazon or just using my credit card direct.

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