PayPal do not offer any protection for software sellers, more they supports crackers.


I sell software online. Unfortunately, PayPal not only not offers any real protection to software sellers, it also supports crackers.


A month ago, a French guy bought a program with a free demo from me and made a false complaint to PayPal to get the money back and use my program for free. Since I offer a free demo, it cannot be said about my program that it is "not as described", the user can test it thoroughly and see if it meets his requirements.


I caught this guy lying to me even in the recording he made to show that the unlocking process "doesn't work". He lied to create fake problems. In addition, I caught him using an unlock key for another program without buying it.

The proof is here [removed]


Instead of this guy going to jail and paying the fine and compensation, PayPal gave him the money back, he uses the program for he get the money back, the cracked one and in addition Paypal stole $14 from my account for so-called " justice".


That's PayPal.


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