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PayPal case closed but I never got my parcel! HELP

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Hi I ordered a personal item from China at the end of Nov. I was tracking the parcel and saw it was successfully delivered as per FedEx website. However I did not receive any parcel. When I contacted FedEx they acknowledged that the courier had in fact delivered it to a wrong location and even signed my name. They tried to work with the courier company and to get the parcel back but were unsuccessful. They advised me to get my seller to raise a claim with FedEx. I can't do this as I do not have an account with FedEx it must be the seller. I asked the seller to do this and they refused citing the 'delivered' status of my order. I then went down the route of raising a claim throigj PayPal in the hopes this pressure would make them raise a claim. But Paypal have sides with them despite my emails from FedEx stating the parcel wsd dropped off at a completely different location. I also have a dispute as to what address seller used as they did not use my confirmed delivery address per my PayPal account. Im so upset as its a large amount of money. Is it possible to reopen a closed case? They (PayPal) didn't even ask for my emails thatni said I had, proving FedEx admitted the parcel wasn't delivered to the correct location! This can't be acceptable. I've been a PayPal customer for over 15 years and this is how I'm treated? Just a number?

PayPal case closed but I never got my parcel! HELP

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Contact customer service to appeal the decision with your proof. If PayPal still doesn’t refund you, you may file a chargeback through unit credit card if that’s how you paid.

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PayPal case closed but I never got my parcel! HELP


Last year I managed to buy something from a fake website.

I have since learned that these sites operate for a couple of weeks then vanish. Anyway, Paypal was their only form of accepted payment. After the 2 weeks delivery time had expired I tried to contact them but the email was returned. I contacted Paypal hoping the buyer guarantee would protect me. The fraudsters produced Fedex tracking information almost immediately. The tracking info showed "Delivered to Leicester UK" but no address. I contacted Fedex and they refused to accept there was any fraudulent activity and refused to help me. Eventually Paypal closed the dispute and told me I will have to claim a chargeback via my bank.

The trouble is Paypal's "buyer guarantee" promises much the same to the buyer as the "seller guarantee" promises to the seller. Paypal only had to look at the account history of the suspected rogue seller to gauge the amount of flagged complaints, but I guess if the money is coming in they don't question it.

 I had to wait for what is legally known as the "deadlock" (or final letter) from Paypal, clarifying that their escalated complaint procedure had come to their final decision (on the criminals behalf) before the Financial Ombudsman would accept it. Sure enough, shortly afterwards I received a "loyalty gift" from Paypal, coincidentally it was the same as the amount I had disputed, and Paypal's reputation remained un-tarnished by the Financial Ombudsman. Additionally the bank then gave me the chargeback, so I got double (you should try this).

Paypal could do more to protect people from organised crime, by working with the authorities, and freezing the accounts of suspecting gangs, but if anything they seem to facilitate the criminals.

It's laughable when people say Paypal is "the safe way to shop".

I also reported the fake website AND Paypal to the National Crime Agency.

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