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PayPal Keeping Seller Fee's For Returns (Increased Buyer Disputes/Partial Refunds)

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I have never had to issue so many partial refunds since PayPal has changed their policy to keep seller fee's regardless of the situation.


This new policy is well known amongst buyers and has been abused quite heavily from my own experiences and the experiences I've heard from other sellers.


It's a very sad day when a seller has to offer a partial refund to a buyer that simply does not like an item they purchased to avoid losing out on the selling fee's during the return that would of occured. I have had to issue so many partial refunds to convince buyers to keep items that they simply had buyers regret on out of fear of taking losses because the selling fee's would not be returned to me. This will be my last year selling on PayPal simply because of the principal of this business practice PayPal has reinstated. I averaged 150k-200k a year in sales through PayPal which generated $4500-$6000 in for PayPal. I guess that was not enough for them and are once again abusing their sellers to keep their buyers. It hurt when they removed their high volume seller discount for no reason. No reward for being a great/trusted seller on this platform anymore. We are getting charged the same fee's as a high risk/bad seller. The no refund of seller fee's regardless of situation. This was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

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