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New Scammers Yeemall Trade Co.Ltd


This seller should be tracked down and held accountable for the fraudulent actions towards paypal customers, not only have myself but how many other people have been defrauded by this seller, my question is why has paypal let this go on for so long, how many have been taken and is PayPal part of the wrought,  because it looks to me paypal is taking the side of the seller when it comes to refunds, i expect something to be done about this , or i personally will have words to the Australian fraud squad, and pass my information across to them to deal with the corruption in these two web sites, 

New Scammers Yeemall Trade Co.Ltd


remeber guys if you have all the evidence emails photos, videos, and this company has been flagged, and paypal does not return money, call your pank, contest this with them, they will contact pay pal, and you will get your money back  

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