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Is paypal enabling scammers now?

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Is paypal only interested in helping scammers now?

I placed an order with a website that only accepted paypal for payment and felt safer because of paypal's buyer protection.

A few days later the website went away, the links to check on my order quit working and I could not get any response from the 2 different emails I had been given. One of those emails was given by paypal when I filed my complaint.

So I filed a complaint. Paypal says the seller sent a tracking # so the case is closed. It won't let me even appeal the decision.

The problem is that the tracking number, which is real, only shows that USPS delivered some sort of package to someone's house in my zip code.  It does not show that anything was ever sent to me, delivered to me, nor received by me in any way.  And I know this might be surprise, but there are thousands of people receiving packages every day in my zip code.

As a matter of fact it was not sent to me. I know this for certain because I have Informed Delivery and it never showed up in the daily reports or history.

And I cannot find out anything more about the tracking # they provided because I was not the intended recipient.

I know I far from the only victim of this sort of scam.

Paypal surely knows this is going on and yet won't even let me appeal the decision. 

Worse, I have read many other similar complaints and see that paypal demands proof that the package was not sent to the buyer from the buyer but the buyer cannot get this proof because the USPS cannot give that info out to basically anyone other than the seller... and sometimes maybe the actual recipient of the package which was not the buyer.

So it only shows that paypal is complacent in these scams.


Is paypal enabling scammers now?



I posted this question here and opened an investigation online with USPS about the tracking.

I got a response from USPS that the case was closed via email and logged in here to continue my dispute just a few minutes ago. 

I was greeted with a notification of a credit to my account for the transaction as the dispute was now resolved in my favor.

So it looks like I do not have anything left to do.

But to add some info as an FYI, I'll add info about the USPS response:

"Our records shows that the package with tracking number
94001282063355aaaaaaaa was delivered as addressed. Unfortunately, it was not addressed to XXXXX Poxxxxxx. We cannot provide the address it was addressed and delivered to for liability purposes"

So yes, the tracking # they provided was not for my package or my house.  Additionally, the order was for a large toolbox and toolset that probably should have weighed a few hundred pounds but the USPS response said the tracking was for a 12 ounce package.


Thank you to the staff at Paypal for handling this for me, without further need for intervention on my part. But if your ever in the same situation, be sure to open an investigation with USPS to get all the info they can give you as well.


Is paypal enabling scammers now?

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Paypal is just a payment processor that gives you 'some' buyer and 'some' seller protection.
So disputes for non receipt of item are mostly automated. Seller provides tracking that shows delivery = seller wins.
So then its your turn to do some work to assist Paypal in recovering your purchase price from your seller.

Firstly ring customer services and tell them that the number is fake or that the item was shown as shipped before you purchased it. With that information they may well just issue you a refund.

Secondly if they don't then... APPEAL
To submit an appeal on the dispute that was closed, PayPal asks that you obtain a detailed report from the shipper/courier (on their letterhead or some other form of official stationary) that includes the address the seller gave them for the shipment. Or one that includes a statement mentioning your address and saying the item was delivered to a different address. THEY DON'T HAVE TO SAY WHICH ADDRESS IT WAS SENT TO, JUST THAT IT WAS NOT DELIVERED TO YOUR ADDRESS.

Check tracking in below link to see where it went.

When you have that, contact PayPal via phone (log on to your account and click contact at the bottom of the page, or via Facebook (send a Private Message to PayPal) or via Twitter (send a Direct Message to @AskPayPal) and say you want to appeal the denial of the dispute based on the shipper saying the item was delivered to a different address. Once it's submitted (you will be provided with directions on how to do that), the dispute will be reviewed further and a determination will be made.

You also have the option to contact your card issuer if you funded your paypal payment that way and see if they will do a chargeback for you.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

Is paypal enabling scammers now?


YES, Of course PayPal is enabling scammers.

They are profiting from them!

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