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I was scammed and denied my dispute,.

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I was scammed. The person I sent money to for the purchase has deleted all her accounts i was contacting her on and was using a fake number. The dispute was denied. I never recieved what I purchased Ive been trying to figure out what to do. It was 110$ I want my m oney back. This person dserves to be reported.


I was scammed and denied my dispute,.

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Same for me, a phishing scam but paypal denied my dispute. They used sunglasses hut to look like sunglass hut

I was scammed and denied my dispute,.

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Which dispute did you open?

Did you escalate to a claim?

What reason did paypal give you for declining the claim?

Did the seller supply a tracking number?

Did you send using friends/family OR goods/services?

Did you file an unauthorised transaction?

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