I've got a locked account and can not do anything on there


, 12 No[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]-0500 Subject: Help!! Literally just gave a bad review for the 1st time in my life and it dont sit well with me because I now feel like I'm a meen fella , tech support Gave me no other option when I text with them for 7 hours straight that's not no exaderating.im just that patient and understand things happen ..now I've got a locked account and can not do anything on there.im not at all mad just disappointed because I use other money apps and can not understand why for myself pay pal has been the worst one..I want you guys to fix these issues so things run smooth and I'll delete my review and also continue using pay pal..I buy and sell and also online gamble with Bitcoin every single day .from my experience i have to use other apps to do every day things simply because tech hasn't helped with more than 1 issue and that was receiving money and it took 7 hours of texting then another 18 hours till funds were released..multiple fees have been taken out from buying bitcoin then couldnt use it so i was charged again to sell it back to pay pal.double whamy on that one..lol..I laugh because at the end of the day its only very little money, plus laughter makes life better ..what i really want is to understand how its possible to 1 need to verify my account before logging in when i dont log out nor have i ever signed in with any device other than my cell phone..I've sent drivers license already now they want it again .its like some employee stuck it in there pocket and accidentally lost it so ya need it again.lol..sorry i just speak what on the mind the moment its a thought..one more thing is it makes zero sense to me that pay pal gave me a debit card i linked it to my account but i can not put money onto that card unless i have money on the card to pay you guys some sort of fees..there saying i have to somehow load cash onto the card paypal sent me so they can get some fees off of it then its able to be used on my account and at stores n such..i do not use any type of debit or credit card other than online so why does it have to be linked to my account? Again it makes zero sense at all..I have a balance in my account yet can't use it even online through apps that say right on them they take PayPal..is it possible for paypal to simply go into my account disable everything on there except me being able to receive money into my balance and actually use that money to pay for things online the physical card you gave me is useless online banking should not need a physical debit card for me to use my funds online..i meen , think about it ..that make any sense to you..makes Zero sense to me... Thanks for your time... Gregory S.

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