I suspect the seller is providing me with false track and trace information


Hi, I made an order for a DrivePortal Wireless CarPlay Head Unit with 4K Dash Cam on a site called SyncMyDrive.com

When contacting the seller what the status was on the order about 72 hours after the order was made I got an email with a T&T link which has had no updates and still claims the package has not been received by the carrier.


I was told it will not happen until the package enters my country (Denmark) and they send me a screenshot from their "internal" system which seems a bit off to me with different fonts and my alarm bells are just going off. They claim the package will be delivered at around the 19th of September.


I have ordered a lot of stuff online all over the world, but this time something seems off. So I would like ask for help on how to process in this - should I ask for my money back and open a dispute on the transaction or what would be best cause of action at this point.


Thanks in advance. 


All the best, Thomas

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Congratulations on your first post in the Community Forum! 

I'm sorry to hear that the tracking you've received isn't updating for your recent purchase. We request that customers wait seven days from the date of purchase before opening a dispute. This timeframe allows the merchant time to prepare and ship the order. If the tracking still hasn't updated, you can find the instructions for filing a dispute on our Help Center here: How do I open a dispute with a seller? When you first open the case, it'll open in a conversation stage between you and the seller. If an agreement is not reached, you'll want to escalate the case to a claim before it times out after 20 days. The claim status will allow PayPal to step into the conversation. 

I hope you receive your purchase soon, but if not, that this information helps you get a refund! 

- Meghan

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