I can't get a refund for a package that did not arrive, that I bought through guest checkout.

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Hello. I bought 3 vinyl records through a website called Discogs. Unfortunately, these were not sent to me and I can't regain contact with the seller. I have tried before and after creating a PayPal account to file a dispute for a refund, but I have been unable to. I've tried calling, but all I get in response is that there was no account with that phone number, and when attempting to use the PayPal assistant, even after giving the transaction ID, I was told there were no transactions on the account. How do I fix this, and get the refund?

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You generally don't have Paypal buyer protection cover as a guest buyer but you can contact customer services and they may be able to assist you by reaching out to the seller for you.
So If you need help for a guest buyer transaction then you can;

1. Phone Paypal customer services and see if they will help you.
2. Contact your card issuer for a chargeback.

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