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How should I behave on a dispute situatuation?

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I purchased a laptop from and they shipped to me a faulty laptop( the screen doesn't work at all). I made a dispute and they recommend to fix the (brand new) laptop in my country and they will pay the expenses but I do not want to purchase a faulty brand new laptop so I asked for a full refund. They are currently slow on answering my questions.

Should I escalate the paypal dispute? Is this going to speed up my full refund or should I wait until the seller answers me if he can pay the return shipping fees of 150.70euros to return the laptop to them?


How should I behave on a dispute situatuation?

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Must escalate to a claim within 20 days from opening the dispute. Do not let it time out. In regards to return shipping, the seller has to agree and follow up on their promise. PayPal cannot force seller to provide it. If you’re not making headway in getting seller to pay for return shipping or dealing with resolving the issue, you should escalate for PayPal to step in to make a ruling according to PayPal buyer protection program policy.


Now understand that you are not entitled to return shipping costs within disputes because PayPal cannot refund more than what you originally paid. PayPal does have a return shipping reimbursement program up to a set amount that you’ll have to be eligible for. You may sign up for it for future eligible returns if this one is not eligible.

Refunded Returns - PayPal

refunded-returns › general-conditions - PayPal



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