Help with dispute - item not as described. What can I do?


I purchased an item in December which wasn't received until 2nd week of January. This was a custom built gaming PC which upon testing I found to be of poor quality and faulty. Main one being I cannot use it for anything as I encounter constant Blue Screen issues and crashes. Screws are missing from glass panel and PSU, PSU is upside down and the top magnetic dust filter it missing along with scratches on side and front.


After trying to contact the seller within the first 2 weeks (my right to a refund within 14 days under Consumer Rights Act 2015 if I'm correct) I was ignored and later found out the company has gone into administration. They sent automatic e-mail back in which it says to request funds back via original payment method as they cannot accept returns. I have since opened a dispute with PayPal as I used PayPal Credit for the order (36 monthly payments). I have provided multiple photos proving all of the faults with a detailed explanation on each. 


My problem is that PayPal are requesting additional documents. They require a detailed report from a repair shop within 7 days which is not going to be cheap, and in all honesty I do not have the funds to accommodate for this. I purchased an item which is brand new, all faults were reported within 2 weeks and I'm now left with a 36 month plan and a faulty item that I cannot use. What are my options? I have tried to ask on Resolution Center but never receive a response and instead just automated bot ones that are no help.


Ideally I'd like to return the item and get a new one elsewhere, as this has clearly been rushed and skimped over with no care, however as the seller has gone into administration and will not reply to me or the PayPal Resolution Center I feel like I'm stuck. Do I need to take this outside of PayPal?

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Normally paypal buyer protection does not cover custom made items so the fact that they are helping you at all is a bonus.

If you don't want to provide the information that is requested then you can take the company to the small claims court as your consumer rights are a separate issue to paypals buyer protection policy which is more limited. OR if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then maybe your card issuer would help with a chargeback?

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Hi iDannyJB,


Your complaint sounds like a carbon copy of what's happening to us. We bought two new iPhones from a seller on Onbuy, as Christmas presents for our boys. When one of them went faulty after only a months use, i checked Apple's website with a view to possibly having to make use of the Applecare warranty. After entering the phone's serial numbers on Apples site, it was then we discovered that both of the phones are in actuality, over three years old!!! These were both advertised and sold to us as being new.


I have taken photos of the phones, the serial numbers, box shots, screenshots of the order page on Onbuy, screenshots of the whole back and forth (baloney) messaging with the seller, the current advert still selling these phones as being new and screenshots of Apple's warranty page showing the serial numbers of the phones are over 3 years old, and the warranty period for the phones expired obviously.


We paid using PayPal Credit too, thinking this would give us some protection if there was a problem with the order (not used Onbuy before), but despite detailed explanations to PayPal, about the whole thing from start to finish, uploading all photo's, screenshots and copies of messaging between ourselves and the Onbuy seller, PayPal just keeps responding with 'requests for additional documentation'...i'm at a loss to what more they could possibly want or need?


In my ignorance, i had assumed this would be an easy case for any PayPal investigations team to get their teeth into, but apparently not.


I have asked PayPal, several times now, to specify exactly what it is they require or need to resolve this case asap, so we can finally give our kids the presents they thought they were getting for Christmas, but all they seem to be able to ask, is 'more documentation is required' without saying what documents it actuaally requires.


This is turning into a bloody nightmare.



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