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Help! PayPal denied claims to my confirmed hacked account!!

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Someone has hacked into my account and used my credit card to make several purchase transactions - 3 txn on 17th and 4 txn on 9th August which sum up to approx. 1,800 USD!! I have filed for claims and at first, PayPal confirmed that there was an unauthorized access to my account, but they just sent me an email right now saying that the transactions were not unauthorized and refused to give me refund!! Luckily, while I was waiting for the verdict, I directly contacted the shops that theft had made purchase transactions to try to stop the shipment. I managed to stop shipment of 2 out of 3 parcels ordered on 17th and the shop has agreed to give me refund. However, the rest has already been delivered. However, do I really need to bear these cost although it is so obvious that the order were not made by me? (1) From 1st-17th August, I hav never once logged into PayPal account. (2) PayPal has already confirmed unauthorized access…I mean if the police has investigated and found out that the house has been broken into by a burglar, how could that police said that the house owner who was on vacation took things from that house that were inside the house before the house owner took off for vacation?? (3) there were 4 very suspicious identical trasaction which I suspected that the theft has done so in order not to alarm the bank/paypal security system. I have already contacted my bank but I am not sure if somehow PayPal still denied my claim request, will the bank also not give me refund as well? Has anyone had experiences similar to this? 


Help! PayPal denied claims to my confirmed hacked account!!


Hi RataK, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!  

Your question is very account specific and we would be unable to tell you why this has happened over a public forum. I would suggest contacting us via Facebook - https://www, Twitter - @AskPayPal., chat or phone and we would be happy to advise.

- Siobhan 

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