Hello is this a scam? I'VE never experienced it once. Please help. Thank you!

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We encountered a little problem while trying to credit your account. You have a pending payment of $30.00. but we have a problem crediting your account with that amount because the status of this transaction is a business transaction that has a particular amount limit at which is supposed to be sent and this amount seems to be below the limit this will not make us credit your account until you expand your limit. Note: You have to take this urgent step to expand your limit. Contact the last payer of your account to send in an additional Transfer of $200.00 so the transaction limit can be expanded and as soon as this is done, we will credit fully into your account the total sum of $230.00 Note: An alert has been sent to The buyer regarding the $200.00 additional Transfer he has to send to you, we will secure this transaction with high priority that neither the payer nor the payee will lose funds in this transaction.
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I am sorry to know that you have received an indication of getting scammed. Please be informed that PayPal will not ask you to pay a certain amount to receive payment on your account. It is just that you have to provide your confirmed email address to the sender. Once the payment is credited to your account, you will be notified via email and the payment will reflect on the activity page of your account. If you have received this notification via email, text message, etc, to verify if the message you received is really from PayPal, log in to your PayPal account securely by typing www.paypal.com into your browser's address bar and go to your Resolution Center. Your Resolution Center will contain information on any account issues we may have contacted you about.


If you receive a suspicious email, text message, or call, do not provide your personal or financial information, and do not click on any links, please forward them to phishing@paypal.com. If you provided personal or financial information, please change your PayPal password and security questions at your earliest convenience. You may want to first run a virus scan, just to make sure that you didn't pick something up from clicking any links. You can also read more about how to spot fake emails here in this Help Center Article.


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