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Gumtree possible scam

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Hoping you can advise


i saw a used bag of high value on Gumtree which i have been looking to buy for a while now. The seller is located in another city far away so pickup is not an option. I asked the seller if she would take paypal and she said it is fine. I said i would prefer to choose goods and services as an option as this would make my payment more secure and im happy to pay for the fees. This brought everything to about £315 plus postage (initially £305).


This transaction was on sunday evening. she immediately confirmed the payment and said will post next day Monday. She text me Monday to say she will let me know when this is sent out. I didnt hear anything until i messaged her at night twice and said her boyfriend was unable to post it because he was ill and had to self isolate but she is off tomorrow and she will post it herself and send a tracking number


I have waited all morning yet nothing so I'm seeing a possible scam trail here. When i made the payment it went to her name for example, name is Samuel on Gumtree and on paypal transaction showed payment made to Sam's ebay (not real name) possibly meaning she has a shop or not sure. However when i click contact info on paypal, it says you are unable to send this user a message which is strange.


I have told her to send asap as i would be away from Friday but yet nothing.


So by tomorrow can i raise a dispute about this  if i have not gotten a tracking number yet or  have to wait 7 days?


I didnt put a note when paying for the goods but i chose "goods and services", will that be a good proof wih Paypal and  our Gumtree chat?


Profile says she has been on there for 2 yrs and she is also selling a kids item but for collection so im thinking maybe she is genuine but im worried about the excuses and not getting my item on time before i travel


Thank you


Gumtree possible scam


Hello @Muffininabun,


Welcome to the PayPal community and thank you for your post.


I can see you have said you chose 'Goods & Services' when making the payment. That would mean you are covered under our Buyer Protection Policy if you do not receive the item.



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