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Hi. Can I asked what is the receiving limit of personal user? I have this client, she send me $300 for payment but i didn't received it instead there's an email of paypal saying the client needed to add additional 200 to make my account into business user. Now i need to refund the 200 using my own money before i received the full 500. Is this true? I can't tell if this is scam or not.

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You are being scammed.

You never pay any upfront fee as a seller or to receive funds.

Ignore scammers that send fake Paypal emails telling you that you need to pay an upfront fee to verify/upgrade/or any other reason to 'accept' a payment.

You would certainly never have to send funds via another payment processor/bitcoins/ or tokens/vouchers of any sort.

Any fee is auto deducted by Paypal at the same instant the remainder of the payment is credited to your Paypal account balance.

No funds in your balance = you have not yet been paid, even pending/held payments will still show in your Paypal account activity.

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