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Fake item bought of facbook advtert

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Hey guys so i bought some sherpa legging off a fb ad, wot i got was a fake chinese copy, basically he has ripped off an orignal website, used fake US tracking and posted from ipswich, tags r chinese in with the leggins, not customs decleration on parcle and says posted in ipswich on parcle, legging r crap ployester not chashmere wool, ive tried to open a dispute but cos ive gone through fb ive not got a website link, never had confermation email off the seller so cant go that way either, emails seller he basically siad u got wot we sent tough, wots tge vest cause of action on this please x most of it was paid with balance in paypal only £2 on credit card Thanks em

Fake item bought of facbook advtert


Hello @emmaharrison105,

Welcome to PayPal Community Forum and thank you for posting!


I understand your concern about the purchases made via Facebook and sorry to know about what has happened. As all payments sent through the Facebook P2P platform are to be treated as personal payments, they do not offer the seller or buyer protection. Standard procedures regarding how to dispute personal payments (P2P) will apply. In this case, please reach out to the Facebook team if they can help you solve this issue.


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