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Does anyone else have this Norton problem

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 Hi PayPal,

  Thank you for getting back to me, I’ve always thought of PayPal as being miracle makers and you’ve helped me out many times which I’m extremely grateful for.

  It seems as though I did authorize the next purchase of Norton even though I wasn’t aware of it. But I have clicked the no renewal for next year and removed PayPal for the billing even though after reading all the angry and upset reviews it seems Norton managed to bill them again so I’m hoping there’s some way of blocking them.

 I’m also upset (as are many) that they are giving me the run-around about refunding me the money and cancelling my subscription as they have a 60 cancelation period which they don’t seem to want to abide by and on top of that I noticed that my Norton subscription didn’t run out until 2/9/22 which is illegal according to Google to renew the subscription before the time and to notify people, then they renewed it on 5/1/22 with the cost previously being $29.99 to $134.99 which is a big difference.

 Thank you again for all your support and know that it’s always appreciated. Oh well back to the battle.



Does anyone else have this Norton problem


Hello @angelus1


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues with a recent subscription. Have you opened a billing dispute on this yet? If not, I'd recommend reviewing the following Help Center article: How do I report a PayPal billing issue?


I'd also make sure the billing agreement is cancelled on PayPal's end as well. Here's how: How do I cancel an automatic payment I have with a merchant?


My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and good luck with your case!


 - Jon K


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Does anyone else have this Norton problem

New Community Member

I just been invoiced $199 for Norton360 which I didn't acquire. I've been on free Avast since 2005.
I tried reporting it but it wouldn't let me. What can I do? Thank you.

Does anyone else have this Norton problem

New Community Member

YesI thgt i renewed my NOrton 360 butinstead got a $300 plus bill charged on my Pay Pal account which I think is far MORE that I ordered.

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