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Dispute closed, seller says delivery as made (untrue)

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What is this? I file a dispute, i attach two images to provide proof that we did not receive the download and then the seller (Microsoft) respond to Paypal that we did, then they just close the case _without_ proff of this allegation?

2 weeks later we still haven't received that download (for minecraft) or the refundt and bought a JAVA edition directly from the Minecraft homepage (Mojang) on the 9th pf july, (Paypall see my history) And according to my MS account, i've bought nothing at all, so....

So i try to make a new dispute against this transaction, now i get a "Notification" and NO information about why i get it (i guess it's because i make a dispute to a transaction Paypal already handled and won't handle twice?)

What to do? (but to make a dispute against the transaction in my bank...)

Finally, i find it really bad service that Paypal just close the case without any proof of the sellers allegation and without me being able to comment on that! I'm actually stunned!

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