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Debt as a minor

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Hello, everyone.. So I have made an account, and I got into a 50 dollar debt and I wanted to pay it off, so I tried to add balance, but I have not had my full name on PayPal. So now, I have been limited.. I cannot send and receivce and add money, but I have a 50 dollar debt. Can I pay it off somehow?? I do not want it to rise, and when I am 18 to pay like 2000 dollars or even more.. 


Debt as a minor


Hello @KaniCZEk,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand you are have issues resolving a balance on his account. Typically, you can call us to resolve a balance. Please click on 'Contact' at the bottom of your PayPal page to display the number to reach Customer Support in order to assist you further. I hope this helps!

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