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Check if you had a subscription set up.
Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > "manage pre-approved payments.''

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I had the same problem with this site,I called PayPal they said they'd make a note of the company and investigate,not holding my breath over this.Paypal said they couldn't do anything and told me to contact my bank.I did this and my bank did an endemnity claim and got my money bank,I also got PayPal to stop any further payments. scam


I had exactly the same experience. I also got to the end of the CV process and paid the $2.95 fee via Pay Pal, to download the PDF. Then the next day I wanted to make some refinements, saw I had a email giving me access to the site with a password. The email is very deceptive, once I had the login info, I didn't read the rest but towards the end of the waffle and reduced script they say that the $2.95 is a promotion for seven days and $19.95 will be levied monthly thereafter. Being busy with the interview process I didn't react to Pay Pals notification for a Automatic payment but later when I realised my account had been debited. I am so angry to have been taken this way with my eyes wide open. In South Africa a contract is only binding if both parties enter the contract and there is normally a cooling off period, to be fair. I was unaware of any contract until after the seven days. The exchange in South Africa to USD is X 15, a substantial amount. It is a poor show when companies in first world countries elicit funds from the less fortunate without being transparent. Is it so difficult to act with integrity and honesty. Surly the world is big enough to make a tidy profit without leaving a bad taste in the mouth of your users.


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