Customer files chargeback but refuses to return the high priced item.

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We have customers order online from us and then do a chargeback, and PayPal sides with them even though they made no attempt to work with us about their complaint. The customer keeps the $5000.00 item and then will not take a call or respond to email in an attempt to pick it up and recover it. They have the item and their money. Does anyone have any ideas about what we can do about this?  It has happened so many times 

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Was it a chargeback done via the buyers credit card issuer OR a paypal dispute?

Only if it was a chargeback then the card issuer makes all the decisions and all paypal can do is pass on any information you supply to that card issuer.

If the card issuer finds in favour of the buyer then they do not get involved in return of goods, they just award a refund.

You would need to take your own private legal action to try and get the item back from the buyer.

Tell the buyer that if they do not send it back (provide them with a return label) then you will take them to the small claims court or anything similar you have in your country?


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