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I recently bought a product from a guy on a group. He sent me pictures with his name and date so everything checks out. After I sent the money, he says he spend all they money on something else and he doesn’t have it. So he ask me for an extra 20$ for shipping. After some text, I agreed for the extra 20$. He said he ship it in 5-6 hours and when I text him almost 12 hours later for the tracking number. He still did send it. I sent all my money via friends and family. Is there any way to create an investigation for scam on the person

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A friends / family (or gift payment) is intended as a transfer of funds from family or friends to one another. For this reason, there is no processing fee when payment is made with bank or PayPal balance.
However as it is a gift payment, there is also no buyer protection as no goods or services should have been exchanged.

If he was not a close mate or family member you should never use that option as it enables the seller to evade paying his Paypal fees and negates your buyer protection at the same time.

You would also not be able to open a dispute (apart from one citing an unauthorised transaction), which would be automatically closed as you did authorise the initial payment.

Be careful as using that option for purchasing goods is against Paypal rules and can lead to account limitation so if you are reporting him you are reporting yourself as well as you both broke Paypal rules.

If you funded your Paypal payment via a credit card then contact your card issuer and see if they will help you but unfortunately they may decline as well as it was a gift payment.


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