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Cannot log into my non-profit PayPal account

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As part of our animal advocacy non-profit organization receives donation and has used PayPal to receive registration fees for events put on to raise money.  We have done this for a few years now but all of a sudden our account has been blocked by PayPal (as I was informed by PayPal) and we cannot log into our PayPal account from any device but fortunately my personal iPhone has the PayPal app and I can still log into the account using that method.   After struggling to get assistance/help from PayPal they informed me that they cannot locate the account.  I said I would like to close the account and go somewhere else for our non-profit funding processing.  They said fine and gave me instructions for closing our account.  Unfortunately  they instructions indicate I need to log into the account to close it.  WTF?  Also, some of our donors have repetitive donations set up to PayPal and we have an event coming up which requires credit/debit card processing.  If anyone has any suggestions  we and the animals we support would be greatly appreciative.

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