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Buying from Chronext, paid through PayPal, they now ask for wire Transfert.

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[TDLR] : A Company called Chronext refused Paypal and asked for wire transfert after getting my money from PayPal.

Although my item was never shipped and my order supposedly cancelled, I've opened a dispute which turned into a claim, to ensure my refund. 

Considering the extremely fishy behavior of Chronext, I'm more confident having PayPal handling the refund process. But I need advice. 


Hello everyone


On September 9 I've passed a 2140€ order from Chronext Germany, I've ordered a Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch ref WAY201A.BA0927. 


A couple days after accepting my order (Order I've payed with PayPal) I received a mail asking for some ID, routine security check as they said, to ensure it wasn't someone else ordering in my name.


I've done many orders of valuables items With PayPal and this never happened before. So whatever, after checking if the mail of the sender checks out I proceed to send pictures of my ID card (both faces). They send me another email saying my ID will be transferred to their "security department" or whatever, assuring me that the order process will be resumed once they checked out my ID. 


Guess what, a couple days after that, another mail from them :


"After a check up with our transaction security team, we can't accept Paypal for this order, so we incline you to pay with wire transfert to the following bank account" 


I decide to call Sir Manuel <Removed>, an Executive at Chronext GMBH I've been patched to through their free hotline. 

He can't tell me the precise reason regarding why they can't accept PayPal for my order. 

He also says that it is very rare that some order won't be "validated" by their transaction security team. 

If it's that rare then how he doesn't have any more details regarding such an unusual outcome ?

My ID card won't expire till 2034 and my PayPal account is in my name. How on hearth wouldn't they accept my PayPal ?



Plus I've already payed my order with it, and last time I've checked the -2140€ did appeared on my bank statement. But maybe they'll go away ?

I proceed to call the PayPal hotline that confirms me that the money from the PayPal transaction has been withdrawn from my account. 

Which means at the time I got the email stating they won't accept PayPal, they already had my money FROM PAYPAL. 

Add that to the fact they're asking me in the same mail to reiterate my payment via wire transfert, and you have so many red flags it would be delusional to not open a dispute. I did open one, with the same hotline person that told me my money was gone. 


I've called Chronext the day after that, to propery cancel my order once and for all, since it's impossible to do it through the "my orders" page on their website. 

At this point the watch wasn't shipped nor my order was processed any further. 

Sir Manuel <Removed> agreed to cancel my order, sending me an mail confirming that right away. He also state that since I've opened a dispute the refund is gonna take longer than usual (???). 

I mean with an opened dispute once both parties comes to an agreement the refund is a couple clicks away, right ?

Also, The dispute I've opened states "Item not received" but the watch wasn't ever shipped of whatever. So it is the appropriate term ?

I've opened the dispute because the Lady on the phone ensured me that the money would be frozen on Chronext's account thanks to the dispute.

In his Mail confirming my order cancellation , Mr.Sénécal doesn't talk about any refund whatsoever. 

My order is gone from the "your order" space on the website, which is now empty.

Because of that, I've called PayPal again and another Lady on the phone, after I've explained everything, she changed the dispute into a claim.  She told me that Chronext has now 10 days to do something or I'm getting a full refund through my original payment method. 


She also advised me against contacting either Paypal or Chronext within the following 10 days as this is now out of my hands.

I've still replied to the last mail of Sénécal, asking him to provide informations & proof regarding my refund. I've said "You can either provide that to PayPal or to me, it's up to you now" I might've been a little bold with that last statement but man I was stressed out quite a bit. 


ALSO, my order IS BACK in my "my orders" page on the website although it was gone after my last call with Sénécal. 

Did you said fishy ?


I have a few questions :


Since my claim states "Item not received" but my order is now cancelled and it was never shipped, what's gonna happen ? 

Where's my money ? is it safe ? 

What If I "win" the claim but my money is gone from Chronext's PayPal ?

How common it is for a company to change their mind after accepting PayPal for an order and actually receiving the money ?


Lemme know, all the best. 


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