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Buyer Protection

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So basically I was just wondering: I have bought a sealed Record vinyl listed as mint condition and upon arrival it has a tear in the bottom of the seal. The seller claims it was Mint before it was shipped however I later could just see the tear upon zooming into one of the photos he had sent me. There was no mention of this defect at all in the description of the item other than “M” which stands for mint. The seller has offered a 70USD refund (I paid 580USD) which I accepted as I did not want to risk getting nothing if my escalated dispute did not work out. Was just wondering would PayPal have sided with me on this or not?

Buyer Protection


Hi @michaelkallios,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


Since every situation is different, we can't judge from here if the case would have been closed in your favour. However, if it was, we would have probably asked you to return the item to receive a full refund. Here is more information on our Buyer Protection policy


I hope this helps!


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