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Account stolen, any help will be great

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Hi, I have apparently lost my account, received an SMS from paypal regarding a sign in and it asked my to Reply yes or no. so i thought it was nothing and since it wasn't me i replied no and i assumed the issue will stop there. I am not a frequent user of paypal so i did not bother to check but i received an email which said that a new email has been added to my account. I tried to log into my account but the system said that my account is not linked to any email. Currently trying to contact the support. Any advices?


Account stolen, any help will be great

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Don’t reply to such SMSs next time, they can be fake/SMishing (sms+phishing). Delete it and just log on to PayPal direct to check account preferably from a different device you own, next time.

Keep trying to get in touch with PayPal:


  2. Click Password and account access.
  3. Click Report unauthorized access or unknown charges.
  4. Click Message Us.
  5. Click Chat with us while logged out.

You can also try PayPal at Twitter or Facebook.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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