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Account limitation

New Community Member
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My account got limited because I received money in euro and I’ve been asked to provide some information which I’ve provided but I don’t know how to confirm my ssn That’s the only information I could not resolve!!! Can someone help me with this please

Account limitation


Hi @Michaelhaibon1,


Welcome to the PayPal Community and thank you for your post!


I am sorry to hear your account has been limited. I know this must be frustrating. When an account limitation is placed, you must complete all the steps in the Resolution Center to resolve it. Once all the steps are done, your account will be sent for review. You would then be updated via email. 


If you have any issues completing the steps, please contact our Customer Support. To contact us, simply click here. Alternatively, you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter @AskPayPal.


I hope this helps!


- Rachel 

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