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Account limitation/resolution center glitch

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Has anyone figured out how to get around the following issue: PayPal says my account is limited I had 3 things to complete to lift the limitation. I completed 1 & 2 successfully but then I try to tap the 3rd one which is “verify identity” it bring me back to resolution center and then I can tap “go to account limitations” tap “verify identity” . . . I’m stuck in this loop


Account limitation/resolution center glitch


Hi @xjopotatox,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post.


Based on what you have explained, it sounds like you are experiencing a technical issue when trying to resolve your account limitation. I am sorry to hear this. 


I would suggest you clear cache and cookies, and try again using alternative browser. If you still experience issues, please contact our customer support for further assistance. 


I hope you get this sorted!


- Rachel 

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