$300 fraud used my disability against me

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I got a message from someone saying they had accessible concert tickets and wanted to make sure they actually went to someone who needed them. I was an idiot and did friends/family because she asked me to, so she could get the money sooner, as a disabled person I know how life threatening expenses can pop up, so I did as she asked. The tickets were fake, am I really just out $300. PayPal won’t do anything because I thought I was trying to help someone and get to take my eight year old to see her hero? Please tell me there’s something else I can do!!!
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Unfortunately, you negated your buyer protection by paying as friends and family. You sent a ‘gift’ payment. Never use friends and family option for a purchase. Paying as goods and services ensures you get opportunity to dispute if something goes wrong. The 21 day holding period ensures that the recipient ships and doesn’t run off with the money so fast should there be a problem.


You paid tuition to learn a lesson at least so all is not lost.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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