how do I report unauthorised PayPal account activity?




the question seems an easy one, instead of Paypal recently cutting all customer service they didn't update the website and the FAQ is old. 


So now I am getting on this issue since time ago is literally a **bleep**ing hell. 😡  😡Not sure why they keep customer service and their FAQ very unresponsive and means that the is an issue somewhere. I have checked my account and I noticed an unauthorized PayPal account activity that came from PAYPAL CREDITS.


My recurring payment was set 20£ a month and now this week I noticed they send me a bill of 560£. I didn't authorize this. They just sent me this payment. This is madness.  There is no way to speak with them and the customer service is very very bad recently.😡  I checked all pages on Resolution Centre FAq for my case. All the FAQs are not updated. When you follow the instruction is not work at all.

This is what I get: No way to speak with them, but you need to pay randomly 560£ 


Unable to complete your request.

We’re sorry, you can’t file a case on this type of transaction. Please refer to our User Agreement for more details.

Return to Resolution Centre



Thank you Paypal, hopefully people is gonna wake up and cancel the account forever.


all this is not working 


How do I report unauthorised PayPal account activity?



If you notice a transaction that you didn’t authorise, let us know right away.

To report an unauthorised transaction:

  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Dispute a Transaction.
  3. Select Unauthorised transaction and click Continue.
  4. Follow the steps to report the transaction.




this is not working too


To report Fraudulent activity:

  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Report a Problem.
  3. Select the transaction you want to dispute, and click Continue.
  4. Select 'I want to report unauthorised activity'.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Follow the instructions to finish opening your dispute.



This is not working. There is no dispute option. Totally old this FAQ

To open a dispute:

  1. Go to Resolution Centre.
  2. Click Dispute a Transaction.
  3. Select the item you wish to dispute, click Continue, and follow the rest of the instructions provided to submit your dispute.



Conclusion: no way you gonna get back from them and your money are at RISK forever.

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Ok, I am in the USA but we have a number to call PayPal, you need the security & fraud dept. Google the number in Britain ...& Best if Wishes over the sea...I spent my saturday having a dispute not submit, the logg timevis too short, it dumps your progress & you have to start over after you log back in,at least major banks warn you your timing out, & the site won't take submitting the forms either gives a stupid error window, sitting here like a bigbdummy typing too fast & still won't accept! My account is a business acct. Too! ALL THE BEST Windshadow , Jones
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