Why is there not a "report as fraud" action button on invoices received?

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Why is there not a "report as fraud" action button on invoices received? I now have two fraudulent invoices and all I can do is Cancel and the canceled transaction remains on my dashboard history. This seems very illogical that I have to see BS fraudulent transactions in my history and no way to easily let PayPal know... As if PayPal does not care that there are accounts fraudulently requesting payments from people? Do they not care? Is it so rampant that they cannot keep up with it? If so, why would I want to connect my banking utilize such a service for financial transactions that is so easily infiltrated with fraudulent accounts?

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They are money ''request'' if you don't pay them then there is no fraud.

Most of the fraudsters know you won't pay and rely on a fake paypal phone number in the 'notes' section hoping you will phone them and then they will scam you over the phone by saying they need access to your computer to cancel the transaction, that is the scam.


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