URGENT: Resolution supposed to take 5 days to resolve, why longer?


I filed an "unauthorized access" complaint to the resolution centre a few weeks ago.  The status was updated on February 23 that it should be resolved by March 5, and resolutions typically take five days to resolve.  Why is it taking longer than five days?  As I post this, there is only one day left for the investigation to take place, and it is still under review.  I tried to send a chat message to a PayPal represeentative, but messages were unavailable at the time.  Could somebody please speed up the resolution process so that the seller won't cut ties with me?


One of two things could be at hand in the dispute between the seller and I:


1. I may have used a different VPN when making the transaction; or


2. The seller is from the United States, and the website allows me to add funds to a virtual credit card in the U.S. (I can provide the website's name via PM if you'd like) and the virtual credit card has my name along with a location and address that is not actually mine (the location displays as somewhere in Delaware), and it was assigned to me by the website.  The reason for the different address is because the original purpose of my account on that Virtual credit card site is to subscribe to HBO Max and other U.S. streaming websites despite that I actually live in Canada (I would also need a VPN to gain access), and if I register to HBO Max as a Canadian, I would be denied access, which is why I register as an American resident (as assigned by the virtual credit card site) as per personal information on my virtual credit card.  But this truly is me, despite that I actually live in Canada.


Also, I had two accounts with that virtual credit card, but I opened the second one - assuming the first account was permanently closed at my request.  But apparently I underestimated, as my first account on that site was not permanently closed.


If somebody could please respond to this post, please do so soon.  Time is running out, and my future with that virtual credit card website is in jeopardy at this point.


I can confirm that the issue between the seller and I was resolved on February 18, and maybe I was given the option to close the dispute but I may have chosen "no" because both PayPal and the seller may have asked me that simultaneously, and I may have said "No" when really I intended to say yes, but I wanted to be sure the dispute is resolved between the seller and I first.  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to close the dispute on the sides of the seller and/or PayPal, but I had intended to close the dispute but not until I know for sure that the dispute is resolved on the side of the seller.  Also, bear in mind that I had no experience with an unauthorized access complaint (this is new to me), plus I have autism which explains I had no clue on whether or not to close the dispute.  But again, I intended to close the dispute if I was prompted to close the dispute.


Is there any way I could close this dispute on my own terms?  I tried to find a way to close the dispute, but the button didn't show.  I may have been given an option to say yes or no regarding closing the dispute, but if so, I was unsure if I had to because both the seller and PayPal may have asked that question simultaneously and I wasn't sure which side was right, so I may have chosen "No" when really I intended to close the dispute.  If this is the case, I would like to have the dispute closed please.

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