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My friend and I went to Kohls and she had a visa gift card and she gave it to cashier thinking to use the funds and then pay the balance on her kohls card. The cashier was scanning it and then my friend mistakenly swiped her kohls card. The transaction was paid in full w her kohls charge card. The cashier was talking with another cashier and saying she had trouble with it. ,y friend to use it at a grocery store and they told there was no balance. So I called the vanilla visa company and they informed the balance was made to PayPal. How does this happen? Is she out the money? This is awful as she is a 77 years old woman and I feel the cashier took advantage of her.  I feel like going back to kohls and report her. Any advice? Thank you 

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I am sorry to know for what has happened with your friend. If there are charges on both Kohls card and on PayPal in the activity page then, you can ask your friend to report one of the charge with either kohls or PayPal. Before you proceed, please contact the merchant and let them know about the duplicate charges made and request for a refund. If the merchant refused to do so, please report the charge right away through the Resolution Center. If your friend needs any help, kindly reach out to our customer support team through the available contact options on our website.


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Unfortunately this is a problem with Visa gift cards from Vanilla. Somehow individuals are pulling the money of the cards after they are activated using Paypal accounts. My daughter recieved one and it was drained in 1 day by someone with a Paypal account. 

Somethings you can do. Contact Paypal's fraud department. (They will want you to dispute the transaction. I would. ) If that doesn't work, your options are limited. Vanilla Gift cards parent company does not have a stellar reputation with dealing with this sort of thing and it is a on going problem.  Call the number on the back of the visa after dealing with Paypal. If you fight long enough, you may get the money back. Just don't hold your breath...


Worse comes to worse, there's to be a class action lawsuit brewing. Just google Vanilla gift card stolen funds...

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Hello @theseus_OH,

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I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized activity on your daughter's card. Unfortunately, if someone fraudulent discovers the card number associated with someone else's card, it can be added to most platforms and used for purchases. If the card is used on PayPal, we will absolutely help file a dispute. As you mentioned, reporting the activity with the card issuer is also recommended. They can investigate the charge from their side in addition to issuing a new card. 

I hope she receives a refund soon! 

- Meghan

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