Seller stalling on refunding buyer

I bought an item on depop but quickly realised the item was fake after looking through the sellers likes and how they used similar tricks to how he conned me (but they admitted theirs are fake) and so i asked him if i could cancel the item for no particular reason and he agreed to do so (he hadn’t shipped the item when i asked) and now its been 5 days and I’ve not received it and it hasn’t been shipped thankfully but he’s claiming i have to wait until next week because he spent the money, Will paypal refund my claim? I have screenshot evidence of him saying he’ll refund me
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You can file a dispute for item not received OR item received but not as described.

Whether you get a refund or not is dependent on the terms and conditions of buyer protection so your best bet is to read up on it and then decide whether to go ahead with that route.

You could try telling the seller that you will report them to trading standards if they don't refund?

Secondly you have the option of a small claims court action. 

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