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Hi! I had a separate account (not related to PayPal) hacked and they linked their PayPal account to it and sent themselves money from that account. Before I removed their PayPal, I made note of the email address: [removed]. I reported the fraudulent activity on the other site and hope they make it right, but am trying to figure out how to inform PayPal that this email address is receiving fraudulent payments into their account. I couldn’t figure out a way to report a PayPal account other than my own as having an issue. Any ideas?

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Hello @Daizzygrl0

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I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized activity on one of your accounts. I'm glad to hear you were able to obtain their email address before removing the linked PayPal account. You find where to report the activity on our Help Center here: What is PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy and where can I find it?

I hope this information helps! 

- Meghan

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