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I am trying to receive funds from a friend in Canada. They originally sent me a $50 transaction in CAD, but I was out and couldn't access the website in order to convert from CAD to US. My friend then sent me a second transaction of $30 in US currency, so that I could access the funds without needing to convert them. I was able to cash out the US funds without any trouble.


This morning I converted the CAD to US, and upon doing so I received a "suspicious activity" warning, that requires me to enter data to confirm my identity. There are three options, and a message that reads "We’ll start our review after you have completed all of the below required tasks", however I am only able to complete 2 of the 3 tasks, as the last link brings me to a website that reads "Something's not right - page not found"


I am just trying to figure out how to access the money I am owed, and it really does seem like PayPal is doing everything in their power to make sure I don't. "You want access to your funds? Complete these impossible steps first!" /s (mf better be /s PP)

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Hello @Heyitsiris,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! 


I understand that you've reached out because you cannot complete the required tasks to receive your funds. I'm very sorry if this process has caused you any frustration! Being able to use your money quickly is typically preferred. Sometimes PayPal is required by regulatory rules to obtain additional information from a customer before certain services can be made available. Once all of the required information is submitted, it will be reviewed for verification. Once the information is accepted, the account should be resolved further. PayPal will be sure to email you. Then you can work on your transfer options to access the funds. You may first try to clear the cache and cookies from the browser you are using and try visiting the page again. This has been known to fix similar issues. 


For additional guidance on this matter, it is best to reach out to customer support directly. They will have a way to get the requested information in on your behalf. This is done by reviewing our Contact page on the PayPal website, or by going through the "Help" section of your account. It's possible that something needs to be adjusted or resolved on your account.


I hope you find resolution soon!


Thank you,

- Schae


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