Personal account, Not Business


I have a personal account, have had for a long time. I also have a PayPal debit card, which makes life easier. And I have one subscription that I use PayPal for to pay it, nothing big, it’s just easy to not have to think about it.


However, today I got an email for my “business”. I don’t have a business! My friends and I use friends and family to send to each other for holidays, to help each other out, birthdays, etc. So wondering why I got this: “Our ongoing focus is to help your business thrive” at the bottom of the page. Is this a generic email sent out to all PayPal users? 


Capability & Feature Updates



Your PayPal integration is due for an update: our latest integration allows you to offer Venmo, Pay in 4,* Pay Monthly,** plus debit and credit cards at checkout — for no extra cost. They’re included at your current PayPal rate. Get started, or call *About Pay in 4: Loans to California residents are made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law License. PayPal, Inc. is a Georgia Instalment Lender Licensee, NMLS #910457. Rhode Island Small Loan Lender Licensee.

**Pay Monthly is subject to consumer credit approval. 9.99 - 29.99% APR based on the customer's creditworthiness. The lender for Pay Monthly is WebBank. PayPal, Inc. (NMLS #910457): CT Small Loan Licensee. RI Loan Broker Licensee. VT Loan Solicitation Licensee.


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