Permanent Account Limitation that can't be resolved


Hi everyone,

I joined PayPal in 2021, and I've never made any payments or added any bank card.

Soon after, my account was limited with a temporary limitation of 180 days.

When the  180 days passed, I could not log in nor reset my password because Paypal was having issues in my country. In 2023, I logged in again only to find out that my account had been permanently limited, I followed the instructions on the help page, and nothing changed. I wanted to delete my account and open a new one.

Presently, I can't delete my account because of pending transactions that are nonexisting.

I have lost a lot of money because of this issue.

I humbly require everyone's opinion, please.

Thanks  for reading

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Firstly accounts are not limited for 180 days only, they are permanently limited HOWEVER after 180 days if you had funds in a paypal balance (you would not have in your country) then paypal would allow withdrawal of those funds. They keep the funds for 180 days to allow for any buyer disputes.


So the ban is permanent and paypal are no longer offering you their services, you can't delete a permanently limited account, they limit it to stop you closing it and removing anything from the account in case you try and open another account against the ban. You are not allowed to open another account and if you do then unfortunately it would be permanently limited as well.

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