Paypal is not supporting sellers. Due to this buyers make frauds with sellers and get refund

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Many fake buyers knows that paypal favours them. So they buy softwares, downloads and activates them and reports paypal after activation that they didnt got the product. As always paypal trusts them and refunds them leaving seller with no option to prove the delivery.


We had maintained good customers online by selling astrology softwares for last 2 decades. This problem only comes for international payments as we are using paypal for it. Many fake buyers with intention of fraud make purchase of our software and after activation files for refund. This has happened many times to us due to which we either have to leave that account or find some new option.


Why paypal is not making any policies for downloads or can provide a platform themselves where sellers can put download links which proofs that buyer has received the product.

recently paypal has reversed 3 of my transactions. 


if no proper solution is given, i would be spreading my message all over internet so that all Indian sellers like us dont get these frauds from paypal. 


no thanks.


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Paypal does not give you 100% protection as that would be impossible as they equally give buyer protection.

They give some buyer and some seller protection which you would need to read up on (especially for virtual/digital items) and then risk assess your own transactions.


As for a proper solution or you won't use paypal then to be honest that bothers no one on here as this is a community forum and not paypal customer services. 

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.
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Hey I’m a buyer that just got massively scammed and PayPal has not helped me sadly
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