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I recently did a transaction with a buyer, for an event and she chose to opt out last minute. The policy is that only a 50% refund will be given and this was written on her receipt and in her confirmation email. Now she is filing a claim for full refund. Paypal as put a hold on my account to deal with this claim. But i will only pay her her 50% refund for the last minute withdrawal. What should i do? Should i pay from another paypal? Will this release the hold? Or should i use the same paypal account? Thanks
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Any terms or conditions on your site are over-rules by paypals buyer protection policy if you use paypal as you agreed to those terms when you opened your account.

If and only if (not guaranteed dependent on the dispute opened and conditions of buyer protection) she wins then you would have to give a full refund if paypal require you to do so. If you win any funds held would be released. 

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