My account got permanently limited

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Today I received an email saying my account is permanently limited.

I don’t even use PayPal quite often and the last time I actually used PayPal to send out a transaction was almost one year ago. Whatever bad things you guys recently found related to my account were not done by me. Someone definitely hacked my account. I said so because this is not the first time my account has been hacked. Like I said, I don’t even use PayPal quite often but I clearly remembered at some point, I received a PayPal email alerting me my account has some suspicious activities. I found out that somehow my account was upgraded to a business account from a personal account. Account language has been changed to Spanish, and the SSN under my account is not even mine. None of these are done by me. I called customer services and changed it back to personal account. That’s my only impression that I contacted PayPal customer services. Now for whatever reason you guys decided to permanently ban my account, without letting me know what the detailed reason is.

As a famous tech company, an e-payment company, PayPal couldn’t even do the basic things to protect user’s account from being hacked, couldn't even detect if it’s actually me logging in. Instead, without any prior alert email or message, suddenly decide to permanently ban my account? What a great job you guys have done! A company that treats user’s account security as **bleep**, is actually managing millions of global users’ transactions everyday? What a ridiculous thing that is!

Whatever, I’m not gonna use PayPal anyway or even think about working for PayPal in the future. I wonder who’s still using PayPal because I literally know no one is. People just use Venmo or Zelle today because they’re so much better. PayPal sucks. I’m done with this **bleep** app and whoever ignore the actual vulnerabilities of PayPal system, yet decided to ban my account instead, even though I literally didn’t do anything wrong.

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If your account was hacked then normally its because you clicked on a spoof link or someone got access to your password etc. 

As you didn't use your account much then you probably didn't check it regularly like you should.

However think a few are still happy using the service as paypal have about 429 million account holders worldwide.

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