Money was sent from my account without my permission #stolen money #account protection #money back


Two days ago, I logged into my PayPal account and saw that the money (105 eur) was automatically sent from my account and part of it from my bank account to an unknown email address. I immediately wrote to support about it. They said they didn't see any suspicious activity and closed the thread. But the money was sent from my account illegally. I did not buy anything from this person and did not create a money transfer form.

Today I wrote a message in PayPal to this person. Here is my request and its response:

  1. Hello! Money has been sent to you from my PayPal account. This was done without my permission. I didn't order anything from you. Please refund this amount to my paypal account.

  2. I have never send such requests, to you. I have send it to another email and my friend got that link, so I don’t know how you got something. This amount is blocked and I can’t make anything with this. You can contact with PayPal in such cas
    Please tell me how can I get my money back. 

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Hello @irazipa,


Welcome to our community help forum and thank you for your post!


I understand your concern about the outcome of the unauthorized claim in your PayPal account. When reviewing the claim for an unauthorized transaction, we conduct an in-depth review of many factors and transaction details. You can request a second look on the out come of the dispute by contacting our support team. You can reach out to our team through the available contact options at the bottom of PayPal page for additional assistance. Support is also available through Facebook/Twitter pages.


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