Is this request phishing? What do I do about it?

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I've been on hold forever, so am coming here -- forgive me if this isn't 100 percent correct, or redirect me, please, if I need to go elsewhere.

The problem is that I have on my activity page a "pending" request from someone whose name I do not recognize with the first part of their email address given as achhelals592.  She's asking for  $650.00 and the note says "If you did not make this Coinbase transaction, please call us our toll free number [Removed. Phone #s not permitted]to cancel and claim a refund $650. 0&nbspwithin 24 hours.  The date I received this was Dec. 12 and as far as I know the money wasn't sent, but it says "Completed" under the request.  How do I get this OFF of my activities list and check to see if she was paid the $650 she requested?   I have been on hold for about an hour and cannot hold any more... and don't know where to "drop us a line from your PayPal account."  It says to do this on the recording, so I will follow that instruction also, assuming I can do that correctly.  In the meantime, since I can do this, I am doing it for any help or feedback available.

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It’s indeed a unsolicited/unwarranted request.


Click the pink warning box on this help page:


Or see the first scam listed:

What are common scams and how do I spot them?


Follow the directions to decline/cancel invoice or request:

How do I pay or decline a money request or invoice?


If there isn’t an option to decline/cancel, forward the received PayPal email triggered by this money request to

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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