Is this a scam?

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I received this email:


Save $5.00 at

To get this discount, pay with PayPal by Saturday, May 14 2022 at 9PM PDT.

Shop at

How it works

  1. Make a PayPal purchase of at least $50.00 (excluding taxes and any other applicable fees) at by Saturday, May 14 2022 at 9PM PDT. Learn more about this offer.
  2. When you pay with PayPal, we'll automatically apply this offer to your purchase.
  3. Your offer will show up on your PayPal email receipt (it may not be listed on the store receipt)
  4. You can only use this offer once.

Just pay with PayPal to get this discount

This offer is super-easy to use. There are no codes to remember and no exclusions to keep track of. Some terms apply.

Shop with confidence

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Hi @moreofless


Thank you for reaching out to the PayPal Community.


If you are receiving emails and are not sure if they are legitimately from PayPal, I ask that you forward them to us at the following email address: 


Once received, we will complete a review and be able to respond with more accurate information on the validity of any communications.


I hope that this information is helpful in resolving your query, 



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